Lab Members

Aussie Suzuki, PhD: Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Oncology, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, UW Madison
Genetic & Epigenetic Mechanisms Member – UW Carbone Cancer Center

Faculty in Cancer Biology Graduate Program, MCP (Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology), Biophysics, and CMB (Cellular and Molecular Biology) at the UW-Madison.

Steering Committee Member – University of Wisconsin Imaging Core
Committee Member – Cancer Biology Graduate Program Admission Committee, Biophysics Graduate Program Admission Committee, Biophysics Graduate Program Curriculum  Committee and Cancer Biology Seminar Committee
New Investigator Program Grantee – Wisconsin Partnership Program


Postdoctoral Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PhD, Genetics, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
BS, Pharmacy School at Kyushu University, Japan

Current Members

Graduate students

Roshan Norman: Graduate Student (Burkard Lab, co-mentored, 2018 Sep-current)

Graduate Program: Biophysics, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Inventors: Aussie Suzuki, Mark Burkard, Roshan Norman, Emma Recchia

Jon Loi: Graduate Student (2020 Oct- 2023 August, Ph.D.)

Graduate Program: Biophysics, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Yu-Chia Chen: Graduate Student  (2021 Dec-current)

Graduate Program: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (MCP), University of Wisconsin – Madison


        • Bakshi, DD., Chen, Y., Wuerzberger-Davis, SM., Ma, M., Waters, BJ., Li, L., Suzuki, A.,  Miyamoto, S. Ectopic CH60 mediates HAPLN1-induced cell survival signaling in multiple myelomaLife Science Alliance, Vol 6, no 3, e202201636, (2022).
        • Chen, Y., Takada M., Nagornyuk, A., Junchiao, W., Muhan, W., Yamada, H., Nagashima, T., Ohtsuka, M., DeLuca, JG., Markus, S., Takaku, M., Suzuki, A.* CMPD1 is a microtubule inhibitor with tumor-specific cytotoxicity, submitted.
        • Wu, C., Balakrishnan, VK., Parihar, PS., Konovolov, K., Chen, Y., Merrill, RA., Wei, H., Carragher, B., Sundaresan, R., Cui, Q., Wadzinski, BE., Swingle, MR., Musiyenko, A., Honkanen, R., Chung, W., Suzuki, A., Strack, S., Huang, X., Xing, Y. “Extended regulation interface coupled to the allosteric network and disease mutations in the PP2A-B56 holoenzyme” submitted. Available at bioRxiv

Dhaval Ghone: Graduate Student- Biophysics (2023 Jan-current)

Graduate Program: Biophysics, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Undergraduate researchers

Ainslie Homan: Undergraduate Research Student (2021 Sep-curent)

Major: Biology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Ece Kilic: Undergraduate Research Student (2021 Dec-curent)

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Kaelyn Stephenson: Undergraduate Research Student (2022 Sep-curent)

Major: Genetics, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Will Rossman: Undergraduate Research Student (2023 Feb-curent)


Lab Alumni

Sungjin Park, PhD: Postdoc (2020 July-2022 Feb)

Current: Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ebru Guver, MS: Research Technician (2022 July-2022 Oct)

Master of Science, Konstanz University, Germany, 2022
BS, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Bilkent University, Turkey, 2020

Jennifer Qu: Undergraduate Research Student (2019-2022 Aug)

Current: Graduate Student at the Johns Hopkins University – Bioengineering (2022)


Ozge AL, PhD: Post-doctoral Fellow (2021-2022)

Current: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, Erciyes University, Turkey

Ananya Damodare: Undergraduate Research Student (2021-2022)

Current: Life Science Consulting Firm, Florida

Alex Li: Undergraduate Research Student (2019-2022)

Research Award: 2021-2022 Wisconsin Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship
Current: Research Intern in Dr. Ahna Skop lab at UW-Madison

Smit Patel: Undergraduate Research Student (2019-2021, Graduate early)

Current: Research Intern in Dr. Ahna Skop lab at UW-Madison

Jacob Massonet: Undergraduate Research Student (2021 Jan-Dec, Graduate early)

Current: Research Associate at Invenra, Inc, WI

Jihua Liu: Undergraduate Research Student (2019-2021, Graduate early)

Research Award: Biochemistry Summer Research Fellowship
Current: Graduate school at University of Pennsylvania (Biostatistics) 2022

Ángel Alvarado: Master’s student Researcher (2020-2021)

Current: Research assistant at MIT

Emma Recchia: Associate Research Specialist

Current: Research Assistant at UW-Madison

Sophia Liu: Visiting Undergraduate Fellow/Intern, Summer 2019

Home Institution: Columbia University, New York; Second year student
Major: Pre-Medical, Biomedical or Chemical Engineering
Research Award: Columbia University Scholars Program Summer Enhancement Fellowship and Columbia Engineering Internship