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30) Loi, J., Qu, X., Suzuki, A*. 3D-Aligner: A computational tool to correct for image distortion in expansion microscopy for accurate 3D reconstitution and quantitative analysis. Under revision

29) Chen, Y., Takada M., Nagornyuk, A., Junchiao, W., Muhan, W., Yamada, H., Nagashima, T., Ohtsuka, M., DeLuca, JG., Markus, S., Takaku, M., Suzuki, A.* CMPD1 is a microtubule inhibitor with tumor-specific cytotoxicity. Under revision.

28) Yamada H., Takada M., Ghone D., Yu M.,  Nagashima, T., Fujimoto, H., Sakakibara, J., Hasegawa Y., Takao, S., Yamada, A., Narui, K., Ishikawa, T., Suzuki, A., Ohtsuka, M. Eribulin induces micronuclei and enhances the nuclear localization of cGAS in triple-negative breast cancer cells. Under revision.

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26) Loi, J., Qu, X., Suzuki, A.* Semi-automated 3D fluorescence speckle analyzer (3D-Speckler) for microscope calibration and nanoscale measurement.  Journal of Cell Biology, 222, (4), 2023.


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22) Suzuki, A.*, Varma, D.* Cell Division: The Unattached Kinetochore Wears an Expansive RZZ Coat. Current Biology, 28, R1250-1252, (2018).

21) Suzuki, A.†, §, *, Gupta, A.†, Long, SK., Evans, R., Badger, BL., Salmon, ED., Biggins, S.*, Bloom, K. A Kinesin-5, Cin8, Recruits Protein Phosphatase 1 to Kinetochores and Regulates Chromosome Segregation. Current Biology, 28 (17), 2697-2704.
-Featured in Dispatch entitled “Cell Division: Here Comes the Kinesin Cavalry” in Current Biology, 28 (17), R943-R946.

20) Agarwal, S., Smith, KP., Zhou, Y., Suzuki, A., McKenney RJ., Varma, D. Cdt1 stabilizes kinetochore-microtubule attachments via an Aurora B kinase-dependent mechanism. Journal of Cell Biology, 217 (10), 2697-2704, (2018).

19) Bonacci, T., Suzuki, A., Grant, GD., Stanley, N., Cook, JG., Brown, NG., Emanuele MJ. Cezanne/OTUD7B is a cell cycle-regulated deubiquitinase that antagonizes the degradation of APC/C substratesEMBO journal, 37 (15), 1-17, (2018).

18) Fadero, TC., Gerbich, TM.†, Rana, K.†, Suzuki, A., DiSalvo, M., Schaefer, KN., Heppert, JK., Boothby, TC., Goldstein, B., Peifer, M., Allbritton, NL., Gladfelter, AS., Maddox, AS., and Maddox, PS. LITE microscopy: Tilted light-sheet excitation of model organisms offers high resolution and low photobleachingJournal of Cell Biology, 217 (5), 1869-1882 (2018).

17) Suzuki, A.*, Long, SK., Salmon, ED. An Optimized Method for 3D Fluorescence Co-Localization Applied to Human Kinetochore Protein ArchitectureeLife, 7, (2018).
-This article is recommended by “Faculty of 1000”.


16) Mills, CA., Suzuki, A., Arceci, A., Mo, JY., Duncan, A., Salmon, ED., Emanuele M. Nucleolar and spindle-associated protein 1 (NUSAP1) interacts with a SUMO E3 ligase complex during chromosome segregationJournal of Biological Chemistry, 292 (42), 17178-17189, (2017).
-Featured in cover.

15) Takada, M.†, Zhang, W.†, Suzuki, A., Kuroda, TS., Yu, Z., Inuzuka, H., Gao, D., Wan, L., Zhuang, M., Hu, L., Zhai, B., Fry, CJ., Bloom, K., Li, G., Karpen, GH.*, Wei, W.*, Zhang, Q.* FBW7 Loss Promotes Chromosomal Instability and Tumorigenesis via Cyclin E1/CDK2-Mediated Phosphorylation of CENP-ACancer Research, 77, 4881-4893, (2017).
-This article is recommended by “Faculty of 1000”.


14) Lera, RF., Potts, GK., Suzuki, A., Johnson, JM., Salmon, ED., Coon, JJ., Burkard, ME. Decoding Polo-like kinase 1 signaling along the kinetochore-centromere axisNature Chemical Biology, 12, 411-418, (2016).

13) Suzuki, A.*, Badger, BL., Haase, J., Ohashi, T., Erickson, HP., Salmon ED., Bloom, K. How the kinetochore couples microtubule force and centromere stretch to move chromosomes. Nature Cell Biology, 18, 382-392, (2016).
-This article is recommended by “Faculty of 1000”.

12) Pilaz LJ., McMahon, JJ., Miller EE., Lennox, AL., Suzuki, A., Salmon, ED., Silver DL. Prolonged mitosis of neural progenitor alters cell fate in the developing brainNeuron, 89(1), 83-99 (2016).
-This article is recommended by “Faculty of 1000”.


11) Suzuki, A.*, Badger, BL., Salmon, ED.* A Quantitative Description of Ndc80 Complex Linkage to Human KinetochoreNature Communications, 6, 8161, (2015).


10) Suzuki, A.*, Badger, BL., Wan, X., DeLuca, JG., Salmon, ED.* The architecture of CCAN proteins creates a structural integrity to resist spindle forces and achieve proper intrakinetochore stretchDevelopmental Cell, 30, 717-730, (2014).
-Featured in Previews entitled “How Kinetochores CCAN Resist Force” in Developmental Cell, 30, 637-638.
-Featured on Developmental Cell’s top website page.

9) Ishiguro, KI., Kim, J., Shibuya H., Hernández-Hernández, A., Suzuki, A., Fukagawa, T., Shioi, G., Kiyonari, H., Li, XC., Schimenti, J., Höög, C., Watanabe Y. Meiosis-specific cohesion mediates homolog recognition in mouse spermatocytesGenes & Development, 28, 594-607, (2014).


8) Varma, D., Wan, X., Cheerambathur, D., Gassmann, R., Suzuki, A., Lawrimore, J., Desai, A., Salmon, ED. Spindle assembly checkpoint proteins are positioned close to core microtubule attachment sites at kinetochores. Journal of Cell Biology, 202, 735-746, (2013).


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-This article is recommended by “Faculty of 1000”.


6) Gascoigne, KE., Takeuchi, K., Suzuki, A., Hori, T., Fukagawa, T., Cheeseman, IM. Induced Ectopic Kinetochore Assembly Bypasses the Requirement for CENP-A NucleosomesCell, 145, 410-422, (2011).
-This article is recommended by “Faculty of 1000”.

5) Suzuki, A., Hori, T., Nishino, T., Usukura, J., Miyagi, A., Morikawa, K., Fukagawa, T. Spindle microtubules generate tension-dependent changes in the distribution of inner kinetochore proteinsJournal of Cell Biology, 193, 125-140, (2011).
-Featured in In Focus entitled “Kinetochores feel the pull” in Journal of Cell Biology, 193, 3.
-This article is recommended by “Faculty of 1000”.

4) Suzuki, A., Fukagawa, T. Cell Biological Analysis of DT40 Knockout Cell Lines for Cell-Cycle GenesCurrent Protocols in Cell Biology, 8; 8.7.1-8.7.17, (2011).


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1) Hori, T., Amano, M., Suzuki, A., Backer, CB., Welburn, JP., Dong, Y., McEwen, BF., Shang, WH., Suzuki, E., Okawa, K., Cheeseman, IM., Fukagawa, T. CCAN makes multiple contacts with centromeric DNA to provide distinct pathways to the outer kinetochoreCell, 135, 1039-1052, (2008).



Inventors: Aussie Suzuki, Mark Burkard, Roshan Norman, Emma Recchia

Patent Application Publication No. US-2022-0074829 and WARF: P200189US02

Highlighted in WARF microscopy special section

2. “Microtubule Labeled Slides Used for Calibration of Various Fluorescence Microscopes

Inventors: Aussie Suzuki

WARF: P200284US01

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