Visiting Undergraduate Fellow

This summer we were very lucky to have been joined by Sophia Liu, a rising second-year pre-med undergraduate student at Columbia University who plans to study Biomedical or Chemical Engineering. She came to our lab with the Columbia University Scholars Program Summer Enhancement Fellowship & Columbia Engineering Internship Fund for 11 weeks of full time laboratory work. Sophia worked closely with Emma Recchia, Suzuki Lab’s associate research specialist, and Roshan Norman, a collaborating graduate student of the Burkard Laboratory, on one of the lab’s newest projects. Sophia was given full responsibility for multiple stages of the experiments, from wet lab work all the way through imaging analysis and troubleshooting, and produced an incredible amount of data during her time here. She brought an enthusiastic and inquisitive presence to the lab, and we will miss her in the fall.

Sophia shared her thoughts earlier in the summer on her time with the Suzuki Laboratory:

“I am very happy to be joining the Suzuki Lab this summer. Right from the start, I have been learning new concepts and lab techniques. The research being done is incredibly exciting, and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from and work with everyone in the lab!”


4 people in microscope room
Team that worked with Sophia, in the Suzuki Laboratory’s microscope room.
Left to Right: Emma Recchia, Dr. Suzuki, Sophia Liu, Roshan Norman.